53% of the world population has no access to cornea transplantation

12.7 Million on waitlist

1/3 of procured tissue is deemed unsuitable

Market Strategy

    Our primary target for our product are hospitals that offers corneal transplant to its patients. NanoCurv Impressions will be utilizing three key strategies to enter the market. First, we will be establishing a group of sales force to introduce our product to hospitals and their doctors. Direct sales will include product demonstration to exhibit the benefits of our product over donor tissues and competitor’s artificial cornea. Second, we will be partnering with local and international channels to create efficient distribution of the product. Working with channels will allow NanoCurv Impressions to effectively enter the international market. Third, we will be presenting our product at national and international trade shows to create exposure to the company. As a new medical device company, it will be crucial to have exposure in the industry to allow smooth market entry.

Direct Sales

Specialized sales force will be utilized to effectively introduce our product to hospitals and their doctors.


To efficiently distribute our product to hospitals around the world, NanoCurv Impressions will be partnering with international medical device channels.

trade shows

Presenting our product at medical device trade shows will create greater exposure to the company and the product. It is the goal of the company to present at national and international medical device trade shows.

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